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Low bap madnifestah


Wake up! Jah is here, come now rise and shine.

This is the Easter you can get, fear the man, that mic is mine.

We are here as a united foundation.

To praise the dawn of righteousness with this madnifestation

of socialistic flavour, our inspiration

education through creation should be rocking the whole nation

mad edutainment versus minimalistic evil lobbies

crazy ha! crazy ha! crazy, so beware and noe

watch you all the birth of the son of the boom bap

the light will come and the unholy rain will soon stop

we come with jah, better bop you, umicah the man, jaming on, a teacher

low bap the B.P.M., low transmition of an original picture

the anti-cultural propaganda is now being reduced

by a sophisticated squad which it can never be seduced

psycho-society beware as I manifest

against to what I detest:an offense!

This is the Low Bap Big Mad Man’s Manifesto,

and the path which a few can ever find leading to the Low Bap shelter.

1995 a low bap madnifestah

A manifesto is born, is going to get you

big daddy F on the voyage of the 9

Ah! What you are coming in my mind?

Blind - men, blind women I’ m giving you the light
the spark is now a flame and it glows into the night

fight for your right to sight and you might

the bop went through my soul and came out through the hand right

for you and don’ t ask me why

cause my answer - yeam! - d’ be a lie

unless you want to hear to what I’ ve got to say

Bap! Cause a lie don’ t pay

and I feel good for fucking up your time

and I don’ t give a fuck commiting this crime

you say that I’ m a madman, want to lock me in a cell

but I create my own jail, for you is like hell!

Low bap madnifestah, manifesto of a madman

makes the pussy muthafuckaz run and hide from someone

someone, but who’ s that one messed your brains up last year so fear,

the low bap foundation couse it’ s near

creation of a style which is different from the usual

but it’ s got that kind of flavour from the soul that’ s really mutual

low, lost in the dream with a mic in the hand

but not a blunt in the other we don’ t need that shit I said

radicalistic lyrics from the heart that ‘ll make you wonder

low do we find the flow so yo get ready fot the second round-uh!

The ultimate challenge to your ears and your thoughts

in a poetic kind of way so sucker mc’ s get notes

plus originality in attitude anh there you have it

to another level I promise we will take it

a new way of seing things a radical creation

so watch out muthafuckaz the low bap foundation.

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