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Active Member

Active Member was created in June 1992 by B.D.Foxmoor. Nowadays, the group consists of B.D.Foxmoor himself and Sadahzinia.


B.D.Foxmoor, born 1967, gets involved with hip hop from a very young age, since 1979 precisely. Since that time on, he starts searching whatever would be linked to this music genre. Active Member is the group created by B.D.Foxmoor back in June 1992, during a Public Enemy’s live show.


Sadahzinia (Yolanda Tsiampokalou) is part of the team of Freestyle Productions since 1994. Actually, she is the first woman ever to be actively involved with hip hop music in Greece.

La Bruja Muerta

La Bruja Muerta project consists of B.D.Foxmoor and Jamoan. B.D.Foxmoor (Michalis Mitakides) of Active Member and Jamoan (Akis Theotokatos) started up this project meaning actually the dead witch, with the only motive to have something to hear when they join. Eventually, this project turned out to be a trilogy of albums, all released by Imantas Label.


The group Chnaria consists of Brak, Moya and Onaxis. As Brak and Onaxis were former members of an older lowbap group called Antiterra, which was disbanded allowing Chnaria to be formed.

Normatraxx sessions

Normatraxx sessions are about some completely different projects/groups/artists who with one or other way, are actively involved within lowbap many years now. Here you can find some information concerning Tanto & DI, Flaco, Dj Moya, Ramon