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Music Production: B.D.Foxmoor

Ap’ tis ftiaxis mas ta lathia (=From the faults of our making) - 3rd EP

Music Production ( A:1, 2, 3 / B:1): B.D.Foxmoor
Music Production ( B:2, 3): Brak
Lyrics & Performance: B.D.Foxmoor & Sadahzinia
Performance on A:3 : B.D.Foxmoor & Chnaria
Studios: Arsenal mobile & Reaction


EP + CD + Download card

Darkest Light Epitome

A double LP with some experimental mixes is coming from B.D.Foxmoor... Especially for the lovers of the kind!

Tis skotias to balsamo (=The balsam of darkness)

It's about the first EP of Oscura Vista, a group of friends who watch closely the evolution of low bap for years now...The right time arrived to make their own soul deposition with humour, darkness and dignity.

Mia omorfi exisosi (=A beautiful equation)

Two new songs created by Flaco are set on release by 8ctagon on a 7'' vinyl record printed on limited copies...

Fisai kontra (=The wind blows against us)

A 7'' vinyl record is released by 8ctagon including Active Member's The wind blows against us and Let's go songs recorded during a live performance.

Otan i mikronooi hiphoragoun (=When the small-minded are bleeding) (collector's box set)

It was a special edition released on 1000 copies including the new CD album, a double CD with some low bap instrumentals, a tribal-bore beanie as well as a 7'' picture disk of Scarecrow song all packaged in an octagonal hard box. On March 2008, the When the small-minded are bleeding album was released alongside Difono magazine accompanied by a lyrics booklet. Within the pages of the magazine, a B.D.Foxmoor interview can also be found (which you can read posted at this web site).
Lyrics & Music Production: B.D.Foxmoor

No Sponsors

A low bap tracks compilation for a movement without any sponsorships. The lyrics and music are made by people who don't let their dream go wasted in nothing less than the beautiful... Active Member, Sadahzinia, Brak, Flaco, Antiterra, B.D.Foxmoor. By buying this CD, you support 100% the No Sponsors Movement.

Chreose ta sti fotia / Chreose ta ki afta sti fotia (=Blame it on the fire / Blame these too on the fire)

A little surprise by the group of Active Member! Upon the same collectible 7'' picture disk the Blame it on the fire song by Sadahzinia recorded in 2000 and the brand new Blame these too on the fire by B.D.Foxmoor are found. The latest will be included in the Active Member's Blah-Blasphemy 2 album.

Blah Blasphemy 2_vinyl

In 2006, Active Member's album was firstly released on a double vinyl record! You can listen to a sample of the new songs that one of longest-lived groups of the country has made, plus some others that had never been released before on a vinyl record! It's a sequel of the Blah-Blasphemy album and is of course part of Active Member's Skieratsa music release.

Blah Blasphemy 2

One of the three albums of Active Member that had been released in 2006 within the Skieratsa collectible soft box.


Skieratsa is a triple Collector's Box which included the three CDs named Blah-Blasphemy 2, Deep Shadowed and No Wind. The tracklist and the lyrics of each one can be found extensively at each one's section.