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Low Bap Mixtape Vol.2 mixed by Dj Moya & Noid

The second Low Bap mixtape is on release, mixed by Dj Moya and Noid. It's about a cd in an original soft cover packaging all included within a sealed envelope, comprising 30 mixed low bap tracks (of Greek, English and even German language!) of a total duration of 70 minutes. On the tracklist, tracks are found by: Active Member, Antiterra, Flaco, B.D.Foxmoor, Sadahzinia, Poedra (DE), MCD (UK), Foreign Beggars (UK), Rodney P (UK), Sabac (US) as well as by some other low bap groups from all over Greece.


Flaco presents his first solo record album, through 8ctagon, the independent low bap label.

Diamartiria (=Protest) (reissue)

The first ever historical hip hop record which was released independently in Greece on 500 copies back in 1993, is set on release once again. Its reissue was printed exclusively on 1000 copies in order to respect the value of the very first copies. Its value remains mainly of a sentimental aspect even though it consists of a sign mark for many people.

Petranasa (=Breath of stone)

The 5th solo album of Sadahzinia consisting of 15 new songs and a tasteful, all paper case with 16 cards. Sadahzinia presents the very best of herself upon a record with a lot of opposing feelings, melodies and pure hip hop. The album is partially recorded in Wales (a 10'' vinyl record is also on release). You can listen here to a free audio sample of the songs. (You can also listen to the audio sample found on the Recordings at Twinpeaks Studio 10'' vinyl record section.)

Recordings at Twinpeaks studio

Sadahzinia, just before the release of her solo album called Breath of Stone, sets on release this 10'' vinyl record of collector's value which features 6 brand new songs, all recorded at Twinpeaks Studio in Wales...

Pandomima and Blasphemy present: Goena - the mixtape

Παραγωγή: Pandomima & Blasphemy ent.2006
Επιμέλεια παραγωγής: Ονειρευτής & Λέκτορας
Σκίτσα: Κύρηκας & Πασχάλης Ζέρβας

Red Dark Funk

This is about the first cd single of a mysterious one named Brak The Mask who always appears with the face covered. Here, he brings the audience face to face with their own conscience stating in a courageous way that... ''I'll make you see me''. The edition consists of three songs and some videos.

Low Bap

Ramon, who walks alongside low bap since his birth, narrates us in his first single release all he remembers and all he wishes for the future. He also refers to the children of all the world and disapproves the adults as well! The lyrics and music production of the single are all made by himself...