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“Motorcycle Dream Diaries” by B.D.Foxmoor

You can read below the press release as well as a short report from B.D.Foxmoor's first stop during this journey of his across Greece called Motorcycle Dream Diaries taken place from February 2007 until April 2007.

Motorcycle Dream Diaries press release (February - April 2007) by B.D.Foxmoor

Many of you should be aware of Che Guevara's well-known journey across Latin America...Maybe some of you will also be familiar with the Dream Diary radio shows presented by B.D.Foxmoor of Active Member firstly on Rock FM and later on both En Lefko FM and Skai FM. The new project set on course by Michalis Mitakides (B.D.Foxmoor) from early March is derived from both the above. By riding his motorcycle, he plans travelling across Greece stopping at every single place where the people listen to and live lowbap. He will visit schools, universities and homes wherever they can be found, either at small villages or in big cities, reaching mountains and islands, following the route of people's voices and the road's compass. His journey begins on the 26th of February and will be completed by the end of May! There have already been scheduled 80 different locations from all across Greece and many others are constantly added every day. The idea spreads from mouth to mouth and thus, an effective programming is required. Therefore, you yourselves should make those who may care aware of it and plus, if you wish to be visited, you can report it mentioning off course your location and place of living. In that way both B.D.Foxmoor and yourselves will have an opportunity of meeting each other and talking. Motorcycle Dream Diaries don't require really any restrictive terms such as age limit or something else, as everybody is invited to participate and join the project. Send your relevant emails directly to him at the follow address: or send some information at the follow fax number: 2104022413     

A short report from the first stop

Monday 26 of February 2007 - 09:30: An hour ago after leaving Perama behind, I arrived at Chalkida where a nice lowbap company met me at Mr.CD record shop. After an hour or so, we left with some of the guys there and visited a quiet place outside the city called Nea Lampsakos where Giorgos had waited for us at his house; a house which was intensively remindful of the beautiful low-towered small houses with backyards we used to have in Perama. Afterwards, we went for a glass of wine at a place near the sea. By 18:30, we had a meeting at Notes piano bar where a very meaningful conversation was held. Following the talking, a dj set as well as some live jams took place permitting this lovely lowbap company which was present to participate. Our evening ended around midnight which found us, me and this crazy old group of friends from Lampsakos (30 persons crammed up in one single room), listening to along with the usual feasting. I truly thank from the depths of my heart each one who has taken part in our gathering, with a special thank going to Emilios, Giorgos and their company for the unforgettable hospitality. Tomorrow, I shall go on towards Thebes...