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Events - Festivals

4th Low Bap Festival

(written by Antonis Mavros)
4th Low Bap Festival
First Day: Yesterday, on the 29th of December 2000, the 4th Low Bap Festival's opening took place at Ston Aera Music Stage with the participation of a lot of hip hop groups from all over Greece. Leading figures of the festival of course, Active member and Freestyle Productions. The festival began at 5:00 pm with a press interview of B.D.Foxmoor and Xray which was succeeded by a talking with the people till 9:30 pm. Michalis and Nikitas said it all without restraint. They referred to a 2000 full of record releases, their new plans and about the smaller groups which collaborate with Freestyle Productions. The conversation expanded to various other subjects like the global hip hop, the collaborators of the past and low bap's course. They mentioned about Freestyle Productions' releases to come and their plans about 2001. We'll be waiting with concern for some of these projects which begin with Active Member live concerts at Rodon on 5th and 6th of January 2001 and are followed by some collaborations with groups outside Greece. The festival continued with the Low Bap Documentary projection which was something more than a documentary; it was an inclusive review shot by themselves with a hand camera. This documentary is available from Freestyle Productions for the friends of low bap.
Later, the music part of the festival arrived and Dark Soul entered the stage starting dynamically the concert as they presented two songs of theirs and one along with Aponira. Stedorian followed up firing up the people with their energy. Afterwards, Oria(=limits) from Tripolis besieged the stage who probably managed to reach the people at their ''limits'' by performing two songs; the first on a very slow beat and the other one on a rather fast beat! Very slow or very fast? A successful choice of name indeed! Then it was time for 843 and Piñata who performed some well known songs of theirs with the people's participation on At a ground of sky as the greatest moment. Yerma was also very good. The live sets ended by the surprise of Michalis and Sadahzinia who got on stage to perform alongside people some songs of theirs, charging the vibe and lighting up the whole feeling. We heard Very Seldom, Blame it on the fire and Guardian Angel of Active Member which they dedicated to Pirovatis, deceased on May 2000. During the whole live set, Xray was on decks. The first day of the festival ended up with a tribute to hip hop music and a film projection.
Second day, Saturday 30 of December 2000 and the low bap festival still runs at Ston Aera Music Stage at Petroupolis. Active Member and the guys of Freestyle find themselves for one more time at great spirits and the fans of low bap had a beautiful time. The second evening of the festival began around 5:30 pm with a conversation between Active Member and the people about hip hop, to be continued by a speech concerning the Midi Recording Home Studio and all the necessary steps an amateur must follow in order to achieve producing hip hop music on his own. Afterwards, the tribute video to Strange days, wonderful days album was screened, shot and broadcasted by Mega Channel during which the audience participated by singing the songs. Immediately after that, two videotapes from the worldwide contest of IFT (International Turntable Foundation) and were projected, where djs and mcs from all over the world were showing off their talent offering an impressive spectacle for all. You can find some video samples of the screening included in this article. The evening unfolded in the same impressive way with a live demonstration of some Greek djs who left their prints on the records and filled the atmosphere with scratches and decibels. Then it was time for a short break and after 10:30 pm the live sets began carrying us till the first morning hours. There were appearances by Kaka Mantata, Prohja, Akrites, Krama, Irones, Norma, GFN, Rile Ditorial, and Social Waste. The evening closed with Xray on decks and a low bap discography tribute.
Third Day, The low bap Festival comes to an end...It's Sunday, New Year's Eve with a little rain and Ston Aera Music Stage begins filling up slowly with people. Around 9:00 pm, Xray takes his place behind the decks. The scheduled projection of the Low Bap Documentary was cancelled due to technical reasons and so it had to make the best of the spare time till midnight. The venue began slowly to fill up and by 11:30 pm most of the friends who came the previous nights at the festival were there! Then, B.D.Foxmoor went behind the decks changing a bit the music style by playing some well known songs of Active Member. ''The ones we are here, we either don't have any family or we are just mad'' as he himself said and continued with the countdown of time until the definitive end of 2000 and the arrival of 2001! At that moment the following impressive thing took place: when the lights had turned on, all the people became a big family where groups, fans and employers of the venue got close together, opening up champagnes and welcoming 2001 with some low bap tunes! The picture was impressive obliging us to understand that low bap is truly one big family with unbreakable bonds!    
Afterwards, B.D.Foxmoor played for all of us the soundtrack of his life as he called it, that is, the instrumentals of his The Secret Octagon album. The first hour of the new year passed like that, with the people listening to the tracks at ease, drinking and waiting for the live sets to begin. The groups which performed from 1:30 till the end of the night firing up the people were the following: Sadahzinia, Brigada, Relika.  
The festival will end with Active Member's live concerts at Rodon on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th of January 2001.