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7'' βινύλιο

Where can I run to hide myself - Onireftis

The first solo 7'' record (white vinyl) of Onireftis comprising two new tracks, the one named Where can I run to hide myself featuring Sundy from Serres and the other Grey Borders with Miltos Mpoumis' participation on guitars. A few more copies are on dispose. A side: Where can I run to hide myself / B side: Grey Borders

Tanto & D.I - Breath / Black Colour 7''

It's about Tanto & D.I's second record release, four years after Path01's issuing. They present a new 7'' vinyl record including two tracks on music production of D.I and lyrics and performance of Tanto. Limited pressing of 190 copies!

Mia omorfi exisosi (=A beautiful equation)

Two new songs created by Flaco are set on release by 8ctagon on a 7'' vinyl record printed on limited copies...

Fisai kontra (=The wind blows against us)

A 7'' vinyl record is released by 8ctagon including Active Member's The wind blows against us and Let's go songs recorded during a live performance.

Skiachtro (=Scarecrow)

One of the most beloved low bap tracks, Sadahzinia's Scarecrow is now released for the first time on a vinyl record and moreover on a picture disc. This release consists exclusively as a part of the special edition of B.D.Foxmoor's When the small-minded are bleeding album.

Chreose ta sti fotia / Chreose ta ki afta sti fotia (=Blame it on the fire / Blame these too on the fire)

A little surprise by the group of Active Member! Upon the same collectible 7'' picture disk the Blame it on the fire song by Sadahzinia recorded in 2000 and the brand new Blame these too on the fire by B.D.Foxmoor are found. The latest will be included in the Active Member's Blah-Blasphemy 2 album.

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