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To klemmeno mas tsirko (=Our stolen circus)

Including a recorded rehearsal of Our Stolen Circus at On Air Studios, featuring B.D.Foxmoor, Brak and Flaco, this cd album is dedicated to all human beings with H capital.

Teleftees lefteres meres (=Last Free Days)

Within the span of exactly one year, since February 2011, La Bruja Muerta project concludes its trilogy which set start with The words that circled the darkness (2 cd), continued with Winter (Cd + book) and now closes its circle along with the album called Last Free Days.


Gaba is a special and alternative solo record album released by B.D.Foxmoor and recorded during January 2012. It contains 14 tracks by lyrics of B.D.Foxmoor while two of them are by lyrics of Nicos Georgopoulos (no' 7 & 9).

Chimonas (=Winter)

At the end of the previous winter, during the last colds of February, they set on release their first album named The words that circled the darkness, that is, a double album with a completely new approach on the sound and music. Now, during the first colds of the same year, at the beginning of winter, they present Winter. A cd which travels us even deeper into this world of the dead witch, of La Bruja Muerta, of the project visualised by B.D.Foxmoor of Active Member and Jamoan, the guitarist, and more, of the group.

Dublaz 44

An instrumental record album by B.D.Foxmoor, which goes under the name of Dublaz 44 and is set on release by Imantas Label.


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