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Ston vouvon tin eschatia (=At the extremity of the mutes)

The new record album of Active Member is here! B.D.Foxmoor and Sadahzinia upon 22 new songs greatly influenced by all these things happening lately on this piece of land. The cd is accompanied by a 16-page booklet containing lyrics of all the songs and photographs. Its packaging is of rectangular shape with a hard and clothed front cover for the cd to be well protected. Released on very limited copies by Imantas Label.


''Sarma'' is a word with a wide semantic range indeed. It means the waste - but also the beautiful, furthermore it can state the crack, the slit, a rapture under the surface which has such a rhythmic form reminding us in a way of an orchestral score...This one is a much inner solo album; the sixth in a row of Active Member front woman, having as a special characteristic the musicalness of the string instruments, the drums and the guitar.


Music Production: B.D.Foxmoor

No Sponsors

A low bap tracks compilation for a movement without any sponsorships. The lyrics and music are made by people who don't let their dream go wasted in nothing less than the beautiful... Active Member, Sadahzinia, Brak, Flaco, Antiterra, B.D.Foxmoor. By buying this CD, you support 100% the No Sponsors Movement.

Blah Blasphemy 2

One of the three albums of Active Member that had been released in 2006 within the Skieratsa collectible soft box.

Low Bap Mixtape Vol.2 mixed by Dj Moya & Noid

The second Low Bap mixtape is on release, mixed by Dj Moya and Noid. It's about a cd in an original soft cover packaging all included within a sealed envelope, comprising 30 mixed low bap tracks (of Greek, English and even German language!) of a total duration of 70 minutes. On the tracklist, tracks are found by: Active Member, Antiterra, Flaco, B.D.Foxmoor, Sadahzinia, Poedra (DE), MCD (UK), Foreign Beggars (UK), Rodney P (UK), Sabac (US) as well as by some other low bap groups from all over Greece.


Flaco presents his first solo record album, through 8ctagon, the independent low bap label.

Petranasa (=Breath of stone)

The 5th solo album of Sadahzinia consisting of 15 new songs and a tasteful, all paper case with 16 cards. Sadahzinia presents the very best of herself upon a record with a lot of opposing feelings, melodies and pure hip hop. The album is partially recorded in Wales (a 10'' vinyl record is also on release). You can listen here to a free audio sample of the songs. (You can also listen to the audio sample found on the Recordings at Twinpeaks Studio 10'' vinyl record section.)

Recordings at Twinpeaks studio

Sadahzinia, just before the release of her solo album called Breath of Stone, sets on release this 10'' vinyl record of collector's value which features 6 brand new songs, all recorded at Twinpeaks Studio in Wales...

Red Dark Funk

This is about the first cd single of a mysterious one named Brak The Mask who always appears with the face covered. Here, he brings the audience face to face with their own conscience stating in a courageous way that... ''I'll make you see me''. The edition consists of three songs and some videos.


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