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No Sponsors

No Sponsors is an idea which seeks to become a movement. It is actually our way to do what we love through the path of low bap. Thus, if this is the most appropriate one, we don’t really know. Nevertheless, for us, it is the one and only route which we can use in order to continue creating.

 Many organised discussions about No Sponsors have already taken place in various locations in Athens, Thessalonica and in several other cities and towns in Greece. Meanwhile, a number of festivals and live concerts have been organised based on this idea. Moreover, it has inspired many students outside Greece to elaborate projects studying the way of how things within the Low Bap Foundation work and keep evolving.

Below B.D.Foxmoor’s open letter can be found, the one that he had sent when it was first decided that we should give a name to this specific way of ours so that it could possibly be either the path for other artists to follow, or the choice to be avoided…Therefore, we stepped up to give to the self-evident to us, the name of No Sponsors Movement in hoping to become literally…a Movement. By reading it, you will acquire a much clearer idea about what’s going on:

The most beautiful things in life are those which are put up by love, dignity and the relevant risk which come with. This is the only reason that all of us involved in the ‘artistic’ matters, should follow the path we select without any assistance from people not directly engaged in the creation of music. Therefore, I suggest for the last and ultimate time you gave attention to what has been left inside us and make everyone understand that:

We are starting up songs so that the beautiful things around us may not be lost.
We get on stage and we are perfectly aware of the reason why.
We do not need any manager in our dreams.
We can survive musically even without the help of the music industry’s acolytes.
We are able to make it through without guardians of our ‘artistic copyrights’.
We can endure away from advertising’s ‘vampires’.
We can still exist without any promotion from the music critics and their tributes.
Despite being excluded by the media (radio and TV), our lyrics and music still travel.
We care, without being forced to do so by the experts of politics.
We are fully aware of the times.
We fight for our autonomy.
We have the courage as well as the nerve to boycott our ‘security’ and its mentors.
We preserve dangerousness as the main ingredient in our actions.
We revolt and we enjoy it.

All these and much more can be true without the help and presence of any ‘backs’, ‘messiahs’, ‘promoters’, ‘managers’, without bending over but surely with the nicest things waiting for us to be found a bit further down. There, where sometimes our eyes are too afraid to look at and our ears to hear, when we take a breath to rest for a while on that ‘slope so familiar and dark’. Let’s go then, we ourselves are the only master of what we hide inside us. Do not spread yourself in their hands even for a second. Whatever mistake we’ve done in the past, it’s done. Now it’s due to march on wherever each one of us would like to reach, and I wish to you all to join your end of life as much cleaner and merrier as possible.
As for the crazy ones who always put their head upon the fire, I wish…
Farewell and may we meet at the very beautiful.



Απόκομμα από αμερικανική εφημερίδα της 8ης Ιουλίου 1940!

Η υπηρεσία Τύπου Transradio υπερηφανεύεται για τις ειδήσεις που παίρνει από το εξωτερικό (μέσω του γαλλικού πρακτορείου ειδήσεων Agence Havas, της κεντρικής αντιπροσωπείας ειδήσεων της Μεγάλης Βρετανίας, της υπηρεσίας ειδήσεων Transocean της Γερμανίας, από το επίσημο Βρετανικό ραδιόφωνο, και από διάφορες ιδιωτικές πηγές του), διανέμει αεροπορικώς και με τηλέτυπο σε περίπου 210 αμερικανικούς και καναδικούς ραδιοσταθμούς και σε 50 αμερικάνικες εφημερίδες.

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