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Golden Triangle – Skitz


Y’ know when you walk in a dance, right? - and the Beat Line pushes the air out of your lings, the low end causes goose bumps and makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. That’s the feeling I’m talking about. That’s what I’ m trying to explain. It’s all about the fat controller, the soundman, aka the deejay he runs tings he brings the vibes. As practised by many, mastered by few and this is personal view as seen through my eyes. Call it the Daddy Skitz experience. You know what, let me take you back… For me it was always about revolutionary music … punk rock, to roots reggae to rap. Jamaica, New York, London. Call it the Golden Triangle. From Kool Herc to Coxone Dodd to the Wildbunch underneath Templeheads station! That was wicked. The sound system reigned supreme. The vibe was electric, the bass was heavy and the dance was charged. You know what, King Tubby used to set up tweeters in the trees, he used to frick people out, Flash was cutting two copies of Disco 12’’s, and “Wildstyle” inspired a generation of the UK to take up the hip hop arts. I was one of the many. I got hooked. Inspired by the Zulu Nation and Dusty Reggae 45s. Pause button mixtapes, Early Milo, Mike Alliens Capital rap show, freestyle 85’, it was all about Blacked out Breaks, Dub plates and sweet smelling acetates. A house of Ganza mist, low ceilinged blues party vibes, condensation, dripping, thumping button end, y’ know warehouse tings, - family function, Soul II Soul, Jah Shaka to the Death mix throwdown, Kool Dj Red Alert to Billy Business, it’s a feeling hard to express but wicked to experience. How can I put it….it’s like, you know what, this Dj is fuckin’ heavy y’ know…Corin, I’m staying, … I’ don’t care, go home, and get a nightbus, from the Full Cycle crew down to Jazzy Jeff to Manassem the Level, to the Tunnel Opium Gardens to Rawganics, down to Kung Fu, students, ghetto celebs, the whole of Hackney is in here tonight and y’ know what, the Dj’s tight, it feels right. We don’t need no water, bring me another JD and coke bruv. We on fire tonight. It’ s all about now. Fuck work in the morning. Bullwackies, Clappers, Jammys, Boogie Down Productions, the Demon Boyz, thru to Kardinal, Sizzla, Dirty Boy Skeme, Luda, Dynamite Mc and Sway d’ Safo! I love this shit. Lowlife to Lowbap. Words can’t express it – you have to feel it deep inside, you can juggle crab, flair, all that shit, but trust me, if you ‘re not getting them goose bumps when the baseline thumps you’re missing something, you ain’t seeing what I’m seeing, you ain’t standing where I’m standing… Sling Teng to the Salsa Riddim, Nasir Jones to Council Estate of Mind, lighters, airhorns, hands in the Air. When I say Dj u say … Heavy… Yes!

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